STUD's new album released
STUD has released their new album 'War of Power'. The album contains 10 tracks of STUD's trademark sound. New material is well represented by the singles already released from the album. The title song is a monster and the video is a description of terror that goes on around the world. The album is strong with lyrics, but the melodic and catchy songs still take the front seat in this hard'n heavy rock masterpiece. STUD fans know what to expect and the band is certainly delivering. Check out 'War of power' from STUD!

STUD's new album is ready
STUD's fourth album is ready and it's a killer! The album was mixed by Mika Kansikas and mastered in Chartmakers by the great Svante Forsbäck, who has mastered albums for Rammstein, Volbeat and Dragonforce, to name a few. The new record has 10 new songs ranging from fast and furious to mid-tempo heavyness. Even some prog-flavours introduced on one of the songs. However, the album has the sound and feeling of STUD's own style. New info coming soon.

Jari Behm is the new bass player of STUD
Dear fans. We are announcing a change in STUD's lineup. Jyrki Partanen has decided to leave the band. While we want to thank Jyrki for his contribution to the band, we'd like to introduce Jari Behm as a new bass player of STUD. Jari's prior duties as a bass player include bands such as Stratovarius and Tunnel Vision. The band is looking forward to step on stage with the new lineup already in two weeks time. The gig is held in Bar Loose, Helsinki on April 25th. See you there!

STUD featured in Fireworks Magazine's issue 81
Fireworks Magazine issue 81 is just published. STUD is featured in an exclusive interview and a album review of "Circle of Lies". The magazine contains also a collection of 87 free songs with STUD's "Hey You" included.

"Hey You" wins Akademia Music Award for Best Rock Song
STUD's hit single "Hey You" wins Best Rock Song in Akademia Music Awards October 2017 Artist Spotlight. As an Akademia Award winner STUD is invited to 2018 Gala Event in Los Angeles. The Akademia is a premier artist recognition and development firm that owns and operates a vast network of radio stations, press syndicates, video channels and other media sites designed to take artists to commercial success.

STUD rocks summer 2017 with brand new single "Hey You"
Hey You is a perfect example of STUD's style of melodic metal and hard rock. The song is all about uncertainty and frustration of life in a world that is falling apart around us. After all, the song still succeeds to retain a positive vibe.

Release date set for 2nd single from upcoming album
After the release of the first single from the new STUD-album, everything is ready for a release of the 2nd single. The song is called "Circle of Lies" and the release date is set for 5th of May. The song is a fast melodic metal anthem with lots of guitars and high vocals. The song will be available through Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc. after the release date.

Check out BLOGSTUDDER, STUD's new blog
STUD has started a new blog. It's called BLOGSTUDDER. The blog will go through the time period of making the new STUD album, which will be released later this year. Fellow musicians and other interested in the recording process will surely find the blog interesting. You can find the blog from right here.

STUD releases new single "Eyes Of Hurricane" 31.3.2017
A long wait is over. STUD releases the first single from upcoming 3rd album. The song is called "Eyes Of Hurricane" and it's bands' strongest work yet. The new album will be released later this spring. More information coming soon.

Jyrki Partanen is STUD's new bass player
There are changes in STUD's lineup. Matti has left the band and Jyrki Partanen is the new bass player in the band. Jyrki is a versatile musician and a long time friend. The band welcomes Jyrki and thanks Matti for his time in the band. The change has happened in good spirit, so let's hope it turns out great for the band and Matti as well.

Lyric video of "Raise Your Fist" released
STUD has released a really cool lyric video of "Raise Your Fist". Raise Your Fist is the opening song from STUD's second album Rust On The Rose. The song is a real rocker and represents well STUD's sound and energy. The video was made by Makis Kyrkos. The band thanks Makis for his great work on the video. You can check out the video from YouTube.

"Rust On The Rose" gaining world-wide interest
STUD's new album "Rust On The Rose" is gaining world-wide interest in form of radio airplay, album reviews and interviews. You can find some links to reviews and interviews from right here at STUD's website. Band is also planning to release another single from the new album. Stay tuned.

STUD's new album "Rust On The Rose" release date 31st October 2014
STUD's new album "Rust On The Rose" is released on 31st October 2014 and it contains 11 songs. The album is certainly a step forward and the band is more than happy with the end result. Just as on the debut, there is variety of songs from serious headbanging to more hard rock -oriented styles. The title track will be released as a single, before the album, and it should please the fans of STUD's melodic, hard hitting styles.

STUD's new album ready!
STUD's new album is ready and the release information is soon available. Everyhting went just as planned and the album is clearly a step forward. Thanks so much for Puke Kataja for recording and mixing, and for unbelieavable patience... Check out for STUD's upcoming gigs. We're releasing dates as soon as possible.

STUD has started recording their second album
STUD started the recording process for their follow-up to their debut album Out Of The Darkness. The backing tracks were recorded in Magnusborg studio in Porvoo. Puke Kataja engineered the session, as it was done with the previous album. The session went along extremely well, so hopes are up when the process continues. In following couple of months there will be vocals, solos and keyboards added. If everything goes as planned, the mixing would be done in June. Stay tuned for more news!

STUD releases single I Don't Know on 28th March 2014
STUD is releasing new music in form of a single on 28th March 2014. The song in called I Don't Know. What you may not know is that the song is one of the favourites in STUD's live show, and it was actually recorded for STUD's debut album. After all we decided to use the song on the next album, but here it is already as a single. Here's a short sample of the song for you: I Don't Know (sample). The single will be available only in digital format, so watch out for your Spotify a bit later!

The official video of Lovers In The Night is released
It's here. The official video of Lovers In The Night is released and can be watched through STUD's YouTube-channel The video has been filmed and edited by our long time friend photographer and artist Petri Anttonen. If you enjoy the vid, don't forget to hit that like-button

Lots of airplay for STUD's album
STUD's debut album is getting lots of airplay around Europe and US. The songs's been played in several european and US radio stations, and even in the middle east and some other countries around the world. What's really great is that almost all the songs from the album has been featured.

STUD's debut album release date and details announced
STUD's debut album Out Of The Darkness will be released on 18th October 2013. The album contains 11 hard rockin' songs. It will be available in both CD and digital format worlwide. We are really proud to finally introduce the songs to our fans.

STUD joins Grizzly Nation
Grizzly Nation is a community with the purpose to promote the rock culture. The concept is based on, that unsigned bands gets the opportunity to be a part of a community, who networks across the borders to exchange experiences, play gigs and create new relationships with other bands and of course the fans. Check it out.

Distribution deal in Finland
We are proud to announce that we have agreed on a deal to have the upcoming album available for distribution in Finland. If everything goes as planned our upcoming CD will hit the stores in Finland right after the worlwide release. The date of the release will be announced shortly after summer holidays. The album will be available in several download stores as well.

Band members introduced in Facebook
Each band member will be introduced on video in STUD's Facebook page. Ari is the first one in line. You can find Ari's video from here and the other ones will follow. Check them out and don't forget to hit that like-button.

Airplay in Holland
Lovers In The Night was played in two radio shows in Holland. Black Monday Radioshow on Delta FM is platform for new independent bands, whereas Radio Lelystad 90.3 FM played STUD among such established bands as Slayer, LA Guns, Machine Head and Metallica.

Airplay on
Lovers In The Night and Out Of The Darkness were both played in's weekly show Audio Aggression with Metal Mark. The songs were introduced by the band themselves. You can listen to the show from here. STUD was on towards the end of the show.

Take part in a give-away competition in Facebook
We have just announced a give-away competition in our Facebook-page, where you can win one of the three signed CD-singles. The competition is running until the 21th of April and the winners are announced on the 22th of April. You can find the announcement and the rules from here.

STUD on air in Rock n' Metal Helsingborg 99,2 Mhz
STUD got some airplay in Swedish radio show when Radio Rock n' Metal Helsingborg 99,2 Mhz played STUD's song Out Of The Darkness. The one hour show can be listened in Rock n' Metal website, where STUD was heard towards the end of the show. The MP3 from the show can be found right here with the date of the show being 2013 04 12.

STUD single available in several webstores
STUD's single Lovers In The Night / Out Of The Darkness is available in several webstores such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby, etc. The easiest way to find the single is from right here on our website. Support STUD and purchase your mp3 from one of the webstores. To find the songs in e.g. iTunes, type "stud lovers in the night" in the search-field.

STUD interview on
Check out a cool interview of STUD on The upcoming album, changes in line-up and the promotion deal with Metal Revelation is been discussed in the interview. There's also some interesting information on the history of STUD.

Worldwide promotion deal for STUD
We are proud to tell that STUD has made a contract with Metal Revelation for worldwide promotion. Metal Revelation is a worldwide band promotion company for metal bands and has 23 years of experience of promoting bands all over the world. We are really looking forward working with MR to get our music heard around the rockin' globe.

New bass player for STUD
An original member of STUD, the bass player and a good friend Pasi Hietanen has decided to pull out from the band due to his commitments outside of music business. The band wishes him well and thanks Pasi for his past contributions to the band. At the same time the band welcomes Matti Jalonen as a new bass player for STUD. Matti has already rehearsed with the band and it all looks well for the future.

STUD is featured in Rock Prodigy Radio
STUD was featured in Rock Prodigy Radio yesterday evening. RPR is a site helping new bands to be noticed and they are putting out a podcast of several bands on it each week. RPR is run by Kristof Culo (Thanks Kris!) who contacted us last week, and now we're already featured in the podcast. Things can really happen fast in the cyberworld. You can listen the podcast HERE.

STUD single on Radio Rock Finland
We're proud to report that our single has been playd in Finnish Radio Rock. Klaus Flaming is hosting an excellent show on wednesday night called "Keskiviikon perinteiset" and he's been kind enough to give our songs some airtime. Thanks Klasu! It's really been a while since STUD was on radio, so I quess we are now officially back in business. Anyways, we've been practicing hard to be able to put out a good show for you guys. We're planning to do some gigs in January. So stay tuned for gig info.

New single out now
Our single containing Lovers In The Night and Out Of The Darkness is out now. It's been a long process to get this far. We started recording in the beginning of February 2012 and continued until September when the record was finally ready. We did total of 13 tracks from which the two tracks are now published as a single. The basic tracks for the record were recorded at Magnusborg Studio in Porvoo and mastering was done in Chartmakers by Svante Forsbck. The sound engineer for the whole process was Puke Kataja, with whom we really enjoyed working with. We are planning to publish the entire album in the first half of 2013. We are really excited about the material we were able to pull out, so we're obviously anxious to put out the record for you.

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